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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Edisto Beach Spring Trip

We just returned from our early spring trip to Edisto.  It is the kind of place you can enjoy over and over.  The beach campground is our favorite.  Actually we have never stayed in the Pines campground; if you are going to the beach then we want to be on the beach.

Thursday was rather cold and rainy.  It was raining and in the mid 50s when we left home, and although the rain cleared up a bit, it was very windy at the beach.  We were on site #22 in the beach campground with a view out the door at the ocean and a view of the salt marsh out the front window.  Nice!

Friday saw a beautiful sunrise and a clear blue sky, with lots of wind. We spend some time on the beach but it was a bit chilly.  During the afternoon we decided to explore the island.   Edisto Island has a very interesting history.  It was originally settled by very independent and wealthy planters.  After the Civil War, many of the freed slaves stayed on the island.  Families of both are still in the area today. Many of he descendants of the enslaved Africans still maintain their Gullah culture.

We had dinner out Friday night at the Dockside Seafood Restaurant.  This place overlooking the waterfront at Edisto where the shrimp and fishing boats dock,  is in its 4th generation of operation by the same local family.  And they also operate the fishing boats so the food is absolutely fresh.

Saturday was a beach day.  Warm and sunny, temps in the 80s made for a lazy day, and pink faces and legs!  We stayed at the campground Saturday night, strolling around, watching the stars and listening to the ocean waves a few feet from our RV. 

We did have to move to another campsite Saturday.  SC uses Reserve America as their reservations system and sites can be booked 11 mos in advance.  This sometimes leaves various sites unbooked for a day or two as people book for a week or two at the time.  We were able to get the nice beachfront sites by booking one site for two nights, and the third night on another site.  

I didn't even take any pictures this trip. If you want to see some pictures of Edisto Beach State Park look at our dotphoto.com link in the menu on the right side of this page and see the Edisto pictures from 2 years ago.

Back home, RV cleaned up (almost), back to work on Monday.  And thinking about Key West in May. 

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