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Friday, May 11, 2012

Getting Ready for our Spring Trip!

We are counting down the days until we get back on the road again.  Time for our spring trip to St. Joe Peninsula State Park on Cape San Blas Florida.   We have been there before and are really looking forward to it again.

There is still alot to do to get ready.  Due to a very busy work schedule the last couple of weeks, I am behind schedule.  Will it not be nice when I'm retired and dont have to worry so much about a work schedule?

This weekend we are going up to Raleigh to see our youngest niece graduate from NC State.  Thats an all day trip up and back Saturday, so maybe I can get a little done on Sunday.

I still have to wash the RV, re-sanitize the water system, check the tires, did I say wash the RV.  I spent two days scrubbing the roof back to white week before last.  What a job.  We had an overabundance,  more than I have EVER seen, of tree sap and pollen from our water oaks that surround our house.  Unfortunately, I had left the Bounder parked under one of them too long, and the top was almost a blackish green before I knew it.

I tried to find something that would clean it appropriately, including 409 and some kind of Rubber Roof Cleaner that I paid way too much for at Tom Johnson Camping Center.   Neither did much good.   Then I read that Dawn dish detergent is the best... but not so.  Finally I tried Spic and Span.  Yep, old timey Spic and Span mixed in a couple of gallons of water with a strong bristle brush and if finally came white again.

Now I just need to wash the exterior one more time and we'll be ready to roll.

Gas prices have fallen, so i think i'll wait as long as possible to fill up.  I have about a quarter of a tank left, so i'll go stop in SC on the way to Florida.  SC gas is about 20 cents per gallon less than here in NC.