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Monday, October 08, 2012

Wash Day

Monroe, NC

With the prediction of some cooler and possibly bad weather, it felt like I needed to do a complete job of cleaning the Bounder and get it in the barn before the rain sets in. Saturday seemed like the right time.   I thought about breaking the job up into a couple of days but as I checked the weather forecast, I wanted to go ahead and get-er-done before it rains.

I wanted to do a full detail type job (but hold off on the wax part) while I could.  I started by taking the 8 foot step ladder, the bristle brush, and a bucket of Spic-and-Span around the complete upper edge where the rubber roof meets the fiberglass sidewall.   This included pulling down the awning and scrubbing the awning rail and the top part of the awning really really good.  That task took a couple of hours;  up the ladder, scrub within arms reach, rinse with plenty of water, down the ladder, move the ladder, start again.

Then on top of the coach with the long handle brush, more Spic-and-Span, and plenty of scrubbing.  I also cleaned the A/C covers, vent covers, and the other things on the roof that collect dirt.  There's really a lot of stuff up there around which one must maneuver.

After a lunch break, it was on to the remainder of the job; giving the rest of the coach a good washing and rinse.  I wanted to be sure that all of the runoff from the top was washed away.  For this part I used what I always use, Blue Coral Car Wash with Wax.  This has always done a great job and keeps the gelcoat on the fiberglass sidewalls shiny and spot free.

Washing the FMCA "Goose Egg"
 With the job finally completed and the Bounder dried, its back in the barn to stay out of the impending bad weather.  Good thing too, Sunday morning arrived with a bang with a strong thunderstorm, some heavy rain, and much cooler temperatures.  Fall is finally here for real.

The Florida Keys don't have a lock on beautiful sunsets:

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