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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back to the Keys

Scottsmoor, Florida.

We are finally headed back to our all time favorite RV Resort: Bluewater RV Resort, MM 14.5, Key West, Florida.   It is really in the Saddlebunch Keys about 9 or 10 miles north of Key West, with waterfront sites on Lower Sugarloaf Sound.

It is the first time we have been in the fall.  Earnest Hemingway says autumn is the best time to visit the Keys if you can avoid the storms.  Of course this year the hurricanes are giving us a bit of a break so off we go.

Being "retired" means we are not required to conform to a work schedule, so we left on Thursday morning and planned to go as far as the Daytona area to spend the night.

We followed the usual route out of the Charlotte area and picked up I-95 near Darlington SC. other than a few showers between Savannah and Brunswick GA, the trip was exactly what we wanted:  uneventful.

The only event, if you will, was in Jacksonville, Florida.  I like to take route 9A to the east of JAX instead of staying on I-95.  However the road names have changed; and my Garmin tried to make me take a short cut.  That resulted in me taking a wrong turn off of what was 9A (now I-295 most of the way.)  No worries, we were still on major highways and soon we found our way back onto I-95 south.

 The good part is the drive over the new bridge east of JAX.  Its beautiful and looks a bit like the new Ravenell Bridge in Charleston.

 By 7:00 PM we were near Scottsmoor Florida just south of Daytona.  We pulled into the Crystal Lake Campground.  It is a vary small, kind of old campground situated on the side of a little "lake" just (barely) off I-95.  We were the only transient campers there.  There were several long term residents, but they are in the back part of the campground. It is a Passport America campground and seems to  be a good overnight stop.

Tomorrow:  On to Homestead and hopefully a stop at Miami-Everglades Campground.

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