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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Saddle  Bunch Keys, Florida

We did a little swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking today.  We had a brief shower and accompanying thunderstorm in the morning, but the afternoon was beautiful.

We drove over to the seafood market on Summerland Key and while we were there we looked at a few houses for sale.  Wow is all I can say.  The prices of even very modest houses here anywhere close to the water are very high!

My last picture was of the fresh shrimp we grilled.  Tonight we upgraded to fresh Keys Lobster.  I had not grilled lobster before so I was asking a couple of people including the lady at the seafood market for some tips.  Its really pretty simple...cut the shell of the tail down the middle and grill using the shell as the holder.

We seasoned them with just a small amount of melted butter and lime juice, and a little pepper. As you can see, the results were very tasty, and didn't last long!

The evening was mild with a little breeze from the south.  The Moon has been rising very early in the day and we could not see it, but last night it was visible and I tried (with not so good results) to get a picture or two.

One more day in Paradise then we have to head back to North Carolina!

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