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Friday, September 30, 2005

Almost Time to Hit the Road

Its Friday night, almost 11:00 PM. Nearly everything is loaded in the Bounder, the Civic is tied tightly to the hitch, and the lights work. The slides are in and the jacks are up. The only thing left is to put some of our personal items in the bathroom in the morning and I hope we'll be on our way. We'll see. Our planned or "discussed" time to leave is 7:00 AM.

My Dad came to the rescue (again) today with the tire pressure check. I guess he knows me only too well. Knowing that I would NOT get home from work in time to get the Bounder to his shop and use his compressor, he loaded the compressor on the back of his truck and came to the Bounder. He did have to take the wheel covers off to get the air guage and chuck on the valve stem of the outside rear tires. As soon as I can, I am doing to have some other type of valve stem or exender installed on it so I can keep the tires properly inflated quickly and easily.

So now I am thinking about the trip, not in total as before, but one leg at a time. Tomorrow will be a long day and I do not have a good grip on how far we will actually go. I really want to get as close to Little Rock Arkansas as possible...but thats nearly 750 miles! Memphis would be acceptable depending on how tired we are when we get there. We will really just have to play it by ear. A few years ago we made it to Carlsbad NM in 3 days, and the days were not all that bad driving about 8 - 9 hours per day. But Sante Fe is a little farther away than Carlsbad.

Mom is worried that we are going to spend the night in a Wal-Mart parking lot. We have not done that before even though many do. Again, It will depend on how far we get and how we feel.

This may be the last post 'til we arrive in Santa Fe unless I can get the Wal-Mart manager to let us use his compter. As much money as we (Pam) spend there they should give us a full hook up site and a private office with a computer. In fact, I am thinking about getting my paycheck direct deposited at Wal-Mart and just letting Pam get the change at month's end. But who knows, maybe we'll be in a Flying J travel plaza tomorrow nite with the truckers checking email and posting the days events.

I'm tired, think I'll turn in. 5:00 AM will be here in a little while.

Deb: if you read this, tell HIII to do one of these Blogs on his next trek... it would be better than email!

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