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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Trip to Camping World

There is a ton of stuff to get done prior to leaving in 2 weeks. I have been pretty lazy in getting things organized. Last night I made a list of things that had to be done... It included getting the lights wired on the Civic so I don't have to use the "Mickey Mouse Ear" magnetic lights any longer. They work ok, but they just take too much time to put on, run the wire to the hitch, and hook up. Then you have to do all that in reverse when you arrive. Other things I need to do: Put a MaxAir vent cover on the Bounder vents, check my tire pressure, change the oil (maybe), and then there are several things the Civic needs too.. oil change, check the strange sound that has started coming from under the hood, rotate tires... seems like the list goes on and on.

I decided to go to Camping World in Statesville NC, about a 90 minute drive from home. I called my Dad last night and asked him to ride along with me. He just returned from a disaster relief mission in Gulfport MS after hurricane Katrina, so I thought he may be a little tired from that. But he decided he needed a trip to Camping World too. (He and Mom have a Southwind 32.)

The trip was a success, I purchased 2 of the MaxAir vents and a tire pressure gauge that looked like it would be accurate and easy to read. We also checked out the diesel pushers that Holiday Kamper center had in stock. They share the lot with the Camping World.

When I got home with the items, the reality set in. I had not done my homework! The Maxair vents would not fit on my vents... the vents in the Bounder both have power fans built in the upper part of the vent, making it impossible to mount the standard vent covers I bought.

Not only that, but I still can not check my tire pressure! The problem is this. The valve stems on the outside rear tires are hidden behind the wheel cover, and the small oval slots in the wheel covers to not allow the tire pressure gauge to get to the stem. I have now tried 2 different pressure gauges, one that is a standard truck tire type gauge, and the one from CW. I'll either have to take the wheel covers off or install valve stem extenders. But I have heard that some of the valve extenders do not stay secure causing air leakage. What to do?

I'll really have to get organized next week.

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