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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thursday (T minus 2 and Counting)

OK, so I have been lazy the last two days and not really done what I should have. So I will make up for it tonight. But guess what: Its raning! It has not rained for a month and now that I need to get some catching up done, it is raining. That means I may have to mow Friday night if I have time.

I called Dad last night to see if they were going to be home tonight. I will use his air compressor to get all of the tires to the correct pressure. Lots has been written abou this in the forums and magazines, but I will stick with the recommendation on the motorhome specs: 82 lbs. max.

I had a nice chat with Norb one of my co-workers today. He is always very helpful in talking through problems and issues. Norb is on his 3rd (or 4th) coach with an Allegro Bus disel pusher. He mentioned that his research indicates that you can add up to 5 lbs more air pressure per tire than the sidewall max load specification.

When I got home though Addie was there visiting and the power was out at the house. Mom called and said that there was an auto accident a couple of miles from the house and a power pole had been hit. So we all ate dinner in the natural light on the back porch and watched the sun go down while Bobbi played with us in the twilight. She could see us much better than we could see her.

The power outage also knocked out the trip up to Dads for the air compressor... no power, no compressed air. I'll have to wait and do that tomorrow night.

About 9 PM the rain stopped, and I was out to the motor home loading my clothes. Pam had spent the day going to the grocery store and loading the fridge in the motorhome and laying in the supplies for the first part of our trip. Yesterday she went to the store to buy groceries to leave at home for Tristan. That boy does eat!

So with those chores done, I'm thinking I will quit for the night. I decided to check Email and this web site for comments. There is a comment from Margie in Tennessee. I met them through one of the internet forums when Margie responded to one of my questions with an Email. They are taking almost the same type trip we are - maybe a couple of weeks longer - and are a couple of weeks ahead of us. They also went as far west as Sedona AZ and toured the Grand Canyon. I have been keeping up with her blog "The Life and RV Adventure of Margie and Roger". (Click the link to visit their site). Looks like we will all be in Albuquerque at the same time for the Baloon Fiesta. Who knows, maybe we'll get to meet face to face.

OK, so one more day of work this week then we'll see what time we actually get gone -barring unforseen circumstances of course.

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