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Monday, September 12, 2005

Getting Started

This is the first post that I have added to this blog. I hope you all enjoy following us on our trip to the Southwest USA.... mainly the beautiful state of New Mexico.

Thanks for joining our trip.

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This is a picture of our traveling home. It is a Fleetwood Bounder. The car we take with us is a 1990 Honda Civic.. our toad - because it is "toad" behind our motor home.

We have been RVing in one way or another for the past 15 years or so. If you want a little more background on our RV past, please click here for our RV History.

Here is a picture of Pam and Bobbi in the Bounder. This picture was made on the way home from our may trip to Savannah GA.

That trip was very enjoyable. We stayed at the Whispering Pines CG near Rincon GA. Here we are at the Tybee Island Lighthouse near Savannah.

Please be sure to check out some of our vacation pictures by clicking the "Chuck and Pam's Pictures" link on the right.

Traveling with Pets.

We have never had an inside pet that we would consider having to travel with us. About two years ago, our son rescued a tiny kitten that was abandoned by its mother during a severe storm. We nursed it back to life, keeping it warm and feeding it kitten formula from an eye dropper until it could eat on its own. As they say, "you don't adopt a cat, cats adopt you". This was the case with Bobbi. Since she is an indoor cat that always uses her litter box, we decided to take her on our camping trips with us. The first trip to Savannah was about a 5 hour drive. We had tried to get Bobbi accustomed to the Bounder by letting her start with short visits there, and getting longer each time. But when we began the trip to Savannah, she jumped on Pam's lap under a blanket and would not move, staying there the entire trip down. In the campground, she slowly got back to normal. On the trip back she was a little more comfortable. On subsequent trips she has gotten more and more comfortable. She is a little apprehensive at the beginning of each trip, but quickly warms up to the idea and has become a pretty good little Kamping Kitty (sorry KOA.)

The only concern we had about Bobbi in the RV is the open access to the area under the bed. Since the bed is a slideout, I was concerned that she would get under there and get into some kind of trouble. Perhaps it is nothing to worry about, but I did decide to make a minor modification to keep her from getting in there. More info on our Kitty Safe Bed Slide,modification is on our Miscelaneous stuff page

New Mexico

In May of 2005 we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary, so we thought we would try to take a major trip in the Bounder. We decided to take a couple of weeks to visit New Mexico. I began planning the trip and trying to decide what we could see in two weeks.

Initially, I was thinking more "road trip"... moving from place to place on a daily basis. But with the climbing cost of fuel, and the narrow mountain roads that may be part of the NM visit, I decided to take the Civic and use a few spots as a base camp for touring the surrounding areas. Santa Fe seemed to be a good option for one stop. Additionally, we want to see some of northwest NM, southwest NM and of course Carlsbad.

Next came a stop at the AAA to pick up maps and AAA tour books for the area. I also purchased a couple of books "Sceinic Driving New Mexico", and "Moon Handbooks New Mexico". Both are very good in that they do not just list lodging and restaurants like some other books do, but actually provide a tour guide for things to see and do.

Another invaluable source are some of the RV Forums available on the internet: The Open Road Forum http://www.rv.net/forum/ and the RV Forum http://www.rvforum.net/ . In both of these forums, my questions about NM brought good and helpful responses (with a few exceptions!)

It was also a way to make some new friends. We have begun to exchange regular email with several people that responded to my questions on the forums. Thats the great thing about RVing: meeting new people and making new friends.

I was also able to spend an extra week in NM thanks to the wonders of Wi-Fi and cell phones. Most of my work is conducted over the phone and on the computer. By finding an RV park with Wi-Fi high speed internet access, I am going to be able to work from the Bounder. The second week of our trip will include the Columbus Day holiday, so I will only have to work 4 days that week. If we get to the RV park on Monday afternoon, we can stay there until Saturday morning and get in 4 days of work, then back to vacation. We'll see how that works.

Then after seeing some of the great blogs that RVers have posted on the internet, I decided to try this blog site. I thought it would be fun to keep family and friends up to date on where we are and send pictures as we go.

So thats about enough for an introduction - now lets see how this blog stuff will work out!

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