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Monday, September 19, 2005

Getting Organized

I am going to have to get things organized or we'll be sitting here at midnight before we go with all this stuff to do! I did manage to get the MaxAir vent covers exchanged for one that is supposed to work with the power vents we have on the Bounder. Know what? When I got it home, (it because the one made specifically for the power vent is 4 times the cost of the regular model) I found that the only difference in the mounting hardware is this: the one "designed" for the power vent uses self tapping screws and has a warning not to pre-drill the screw holes into the fan components! Thats it. If I had known that, I would have kept the original vent cover and just gotten the screws from Lowes.

Whats worse, I still can not check the tire pressure in the outside rear tire. I did get two of the littley 2 inch almost U shaped valve extenders. I do not plan on leaving them permanently attached due to the stories I have heard about the leakage problems with add on valve extenders. But at least I thought the small ones could be attached to check pressure and then removed. But NO. They dont work either. The slot in the wheel cover is so small that the U shaped extender would not fit through it. It is not really U shaped but a little less than that. I may have to resort to taking off the wheel covers to check pressure. I usually just check pressure before a trip, then check it by hitting the tires with a heavy plastic covered hammer that I have.

I did get my Civic light kit on today and will be able to do away witht he "Mickey Mouse Ear" magnetic lights that I have. A&B Truck and Trailer in Matthews NC installed the kit. I started by asking for a diode kit, but the guys at A&B convinced me that I should just add an additional set of lights inside the lens housing. I made sure that I told them that the Bounder has separate amber turn signals and red break lights. They said that I might be have to use some sort of adapter or just "play" with the wiring on the Bounder to get it to work with the 4 wire flat adapter that they wired the Civic with.

Sure enough when I hooked up the 4 flat connector to the 4 flat adapter that I had used with the old Coachmen MH, the Civic turn signals worked but not the break lights. Oh well, looks like another trip to Northern Tool to get the adapters I need.

Northern has anything you need for trailers, towing, hitches, and just about everything else you could possibly need for towing. Maybe they'll have some kind of valve extender that will work too!

Looks like tomorrow night I'll have to stop a Northern on the way home.

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